wall board

Difficulty: easy

Required tools: brush, scalpel

Article Name Quantity
8630-08 Holz-Wandboard 32x30cm 1 piece
6009-17 Weissgrund 150ml 1 piece
6009-09 Kreidecolour 250ml grau 1 piece
L20287-00-010 Silh. Schabl. 15×15 Primrose 1 piece
L21401-05-079 Decormatt Acr.d.grau 50ml 1 piece
L21401-05-070 Decormatt Acryl weiß 50ml 1 piece
9450-851 Anh. Schlüssel 7.5cm 2 pieces
7424-15 Wachsb. 50m 1mm schwarz 30 cm

Description: Ground the wall board with the white colour, let it dry and apply the chalk colour. Let it dry and grind it with sandpaper. Lay the stencil on the board and apply the white colour. Remove the stencil and let the colour dry thoroughly.

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